Inspiring Science- Top Picks 29.03.17

As a science enthusiast I’m constantly looking for articles and blog posts that reaffirm my love for science. Here’s just a few of the posts that have inspired me this week.


The Real Arctic Monkeys!

Ever wondered what working in the Arctic is really like? This week I team up with Arctic researcher Alexey Pavlov to bring to light this exciting field just in time for Polar week!

Plankton: The Unsung Hero of the Sea!

Despite the bad rep plankton receive thanks to the popular kid's TV show 'SpongeBob Squarepants', plankton are in fact a vital part of the marine food web. In this post I'll discuss their role as primary producers and talk about some exciting new research on phytoplankton growth in the Arctic!

Cut and Paste- DNA Style

What if I told you the well know process of cut and paste could be applied to the very blueprint of life itself, DNA? Impossible right? Well maybe not.... Read on to find out how the revolutionary technique CRISPR is changing the face of gene editing and potentially the future.

A Year in Industry: To Apply or Not To Apply, That is the Question.

As a biomedical sciences undergrad I had lots of questions and concerns about the future. After doing an industrial placement I've gained insight into what a career in biomed could look like and suddenly the future doesn't seem so scary. Now I want to share those insights with you to hopefully make your options a little clearer. So if you're a student thinking about a year industry, this post is for you!

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