Antibiotic Resistance: A Communication Error

I recently read a blog post on ‘Nature jobs’ about science communication and the importance of tailoring your message to the audience you’re trying reach. The post referred to a study commissioned by the Wellcome Trust which questioned the general public on the problem of antibiotic resistance. Rather worryingly the study revealed that there are numerous misconceptions about what antibiotic resistance is and what causes it.


Inspiring Science- Top Picks 24.04.17

As a science enthusiast I’m constantly looking for articles and blog posts that reaffirm my love for science. Here’s just a few of the posts that have inspired me this week.

Gene and Cell Therapy: The Future of Medicine.

This week I attended the British Society of Gene and Cell Therapy annual conference in Cardiff. The aim of the conference was to showcase some of the amazing research going on in the field of gene and cell therapy (GCT). In this post I will give a summary of some the extraordinary research going on in the UK and discuss some of the challenges the field is still facing. If these challenges can be overcome, GCT has the potential to change the face of medicine as we know it.

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