The Real Arctic Monkeys!

Ever wondered what working in the Arctic is really like? This week I team up with Arctic researcher Alexey Pavlov to bring to light this exciting field just in time for Polar week!

Plankton: The Unsung Hero of the Sea!

Despite the bad rep plankton receive thanks to the popular kid's TV show 'SpongeBob Squarepants', plankton are in fact a vital part of the marine food web. In this post I'll discuss their role as primary producers and talk about some exciting new research on phytoplankton growth in the Arctic!

A Year in Industry: To Apply or Not To Apply, That is the Question.

As a biomedical sciences undergrad I had lots of questions and concerns about the future. After doing an industrial placement I've gained insight into what a career in biomed could look like and suddenly the future doesn't seem so scary. Now I want to share those insights with you to hopefully make your options a little clearer. So if you're a student thinking about a year industry, this post is for you!

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